Monday, April 21, 2014

Core I7 3.5Ghz

Core I7 3.5Ghz, If people go for a Z77 chipset people can use the full overclocking potential and can use the integrated graphic, as well as a dedicated one. Intel I7 Cache, My friend have yet to report any hands-on experience, but the benchmarks don’t lie (go to Tom’s Hardware and read their reviews).
Intel I73770K, Unfortunately AMD CPUs these days can only compete at the budget level.
Intel Quad Core I7, The included heat sink is passable, but not great.

Core I7 Extreme Edition 990X, Trial and error along with some luck in the silicon lottery can net a great overclock. I7 Lga1155, So 5 stars for Intel, and 5 Stars for HP’s new line of Envy and Phoenix Desktops.
Intel Processor Specs, My friend have this one running all day at 4.6 GHz and without water, will not run over 45 degrees.

Intel Core I7 Q820, My friend use an H100 and Intel Core I7 Q820 is never gotten above 73°C (which is obviously much higher than my normal operating temperature).
Intel I7 Extreme Edition, The reason my friend say this is because today my friend was chatting with Marvin in customer support at Intel.

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